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Control every single pixel

The power of MonoPhix is to allow infinite adjustment of each single tone, shade, object, color and pixel in your black and white pictures. You can choose between two modes to control the darkness of shadows and the brightness of light1 and you can unleash a whole array of adjustments on it, including: contrast, brightness, exposure, grain, saturation and more.

All these controls turn MonoPhix in the most powerful tool available for every lover of black and white photography.


Filters for your ease

The Mac OS X version of MonoPhix contains a number of presets and filters to make your life easier.

With the filter gallery you have a number of filters and presets at your disposal that only keep you one click away from getting the perfect vintage or monochrome masterpiece. After selecting a preset you can still change the applied adjustments to achieve the wanted outcome.

Perfect vignetting

All MonoPhix versions have adjustable and easy to apply vignetting effects. You can give all your picture a dark edge by simply flipping a switch or moving a slider.

The Mac version even has highly advanced vignetting and focus effects for which you can control the intensity, radius and vertical and horizontal offset.


Any type of monochrome

There is more to MonoPhix than just black and white photography. You can also decide to give your monochrome picture a certain tone using the color controls. Each version of MonoPhix has three presets for this: "black and white", "sepia" and "antique". It's even possible to give your picture a custom color.

The Mac version also allows control over the way the color blends with your picture allowing you to choose one of three blending modes.

Share pictures and more

With MonoPhix HD and MonoPhix for Mac you can upload your pictures along with their EXIF data to our reliable Phix© service. After uploading you get a shortlink to share with your friends. But that's not all, you can also choose to display a recipe of all changes you made along with your images to show to your friends how to style their pictures in the same way.

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Selective Color

Bring back some color

The Mac version of MonoPhix contains an exciting new experimental feature. With the selective color feature you can easily bring back color to certain objects in your picture by just selecting their color and sliding a slider. 2

Screenshots (Mac - iPhone - iPad)

Adjustments Screenshot Filters Screenshot Coloring Screenshot Selective color Screenshot
  1. The ability to control RGB channels separately is not available in the iPhone version.
  2. Selective coloring is only available in the Mac version. As this is experimental, the success of this feature depends on the picture it is applied to.