Here in the archive we keep software that's no longer supported. It may or may not work but we're still keeping it on our servers for you to download or for reminding us how not to build software.

  • -36-image converter
  • A tool that can convert .bmp,.gif and .jpeg and more than 20 other image types into 36-other types o.a. icons, .tiff, .pdf, .pii and much more. (Windows)

  • -CachePhix
  • This little desktop tool cleans the cache,temporary files, recent files and cookies. (Windows)

  • -LoadDown
  • This application makes it possible to shutdown your computer using a countdown timer while performing normal tasks and proceeding with your games, development and much more. (Windows)

  • -FileTorment
  • Delete and shred any irritating application, malware or important document copy without leaving a trace. (Windows)

  • -MPhix
  • Mphix Ghost CD-player is a media-player that can play a cd while not even active. (Windows XP/ME/98)