Privacy Policy

From normal visitors this website doesn't generally collect personal data. The only data that could possibly be collected is used by our statistics software to provide us with statistics and charts concerning usage of our site. All of this data is collected anonymously and we are not able to identify any users. Anonymous data gathered for statistical purposes includes your user agent (browser/os), which site brought you to us and which pages you visited on our site. does not generate cookie-files.

Paying customers or beta testers however will have to identify themselves with email address, name and address. This data is collected for billing and practical purposes and to make sure all purchases hit their respective buyer. This data is also stored in a secure location and can be used to identify users if they violate our end user license agreement or release sensitive prerelease information.

Non of the data we collect from any user is sold and our delivered to a third party.

This is a Google free zone. We do not use any Google Ads, Google Analytics or other Google services that could possibly collect user data. (Google is a trademark of Google Inc. All Rights Reserved)

(Last updated: 14th of May 2012)